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Where chutzpah meets reservations.

The New York Times: “Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly through a minefield of identity politics…in this witty romantic comedy.”

Candid Camera

In scene 3 of The Inn at Lake Devine, it's a rainy summer day, and the Marx family drives over to The Inn to check it out.

Yesterday was rainy in Manhattan, too, and Holly Lynn Ellis (filmmaker and actor) came over to shoot a bunch of short videos of producing artistic director Jake Lipman in her apartment.

Jake Lipman talks TIC

Aside from an attack of the giggles and the roar of a motorcycle, we got tons of footage, about TIC, adapting The Inn at Lake Devine from the book by Elinor Lipman into a play, and a few other fun tidbits.

These videos will be shared over the summer, including in TIC's first ever IndieGoGo campaign.  Tickets are on sale now, too.

More soon, but here's to things heating up and sunny days ahead!

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