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The New York Times: “Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly through a minefield of identity politics…in this witty romantic comedy.”

@LakeDevine: Andrew Dawson plays 'Karl Berry' in THE INN AT LAKE DEVINE

Andrew Dawson plays 'Karl Berry' in The Inn at Lake Devine, the kind husband of the inn's owner.

The play with music runs for 16 performances, October 7-24, 2015 @ 7:30 pm (matinee on Sunday, October 18 @ 2:30 pm) at Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios at 244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor.  The show runs 2 hours and 15 minutes with an intermission.  Tickets: $18 at www.tictheater.com and 212-868-4444.

Andy Dawson plays 'Karl,' who loves to mushroom. (Yes, that's a verb.)

We sat down with this accomplished and thoughtful actor and asked him a few questions.  His answers, below.

Tell us about your character, Karl Berry.  Who is he?
Well, rehearsals have just started, so I'm trying not to make too many decisions, too early.  But I think Karl is a kind man, who is a bit lonely and powerless.  When reading the book, I connected with Elinor Lipman's description of Karl as "a bashful husband who blossomed into a low level of jolliness, especially around kids."

Vacations figure prominently in the play, where would you like to go next?
Vacation--what's that? Maybe a trip touring around Europe...but not a whirlwind tour.  I'd like to spend a good amount of time in a few select cities, really learning the "complexion" of the place.  I'm more interested in how a place feels to live in, rather than how it feels to visit.

Karl is an avid mushroom-er.  Do you like mushrooms?
I do like mushrooms.  However, after this play, I might pause a moment before chewing.

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