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Whale Song
or: Learning to Live with Mobyphobia

A play by Claire Kiechel

October 29-November 8, 2014

A warm-blooded comedy about looking for answers.

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Plus 1 Solo Show Festival
Fall 2014

Sunday, November 2 and
Monday, November 3, 2014

An evening of funny and smart original solo shows.

TIC to premiere the stage version of Elinor Lipman’s
The Inn at Lake Devine in 2015

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Tongue in Cheek Theater will adapt the popular novel The Inn at Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman into a full-length play over 2015, culminating with a three-week performance run October 7-24, 2015 in midtown NYC.

About The Inn at Lake Devine, The New York Times writes, "in her delightful novel, The Inn at Lake Devine, Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly though a minefield of identity politics. Anti-Semitism, intermarriage, ethnic cuisine and Anne Frank are some of the unlikely, loaded subjects of this witty romantic comedy."

TIC is thrilled to be adapting this work for the stage. Read the entire press release and follow TIC on Facebook and Twitter for updates to this exciting project!

Blogging About: Dale Davidson in Plus 1 Solo Show Festival

Tongue in Cheek Theater's November 2014 Plus 1 Solo Show Festival runs for 2 performances, from Sunday-Monday, November 2-3, 2014 at 8 pm.  All shows are at The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor in midtown NYC.  Tickets are $20 at and by calling 212-868-4444.

We are thrilled to welcome back to the festival Dale Davidson, who is a second-time Plus 1-er!  She will be performing her original piece New Year's Eve Party Crash. We asked Dale to delve into her inspirations.
Dale Davidson ventures out to face her fears

What inspired you to create your piece?
Last year at the Plus 1, I presented an excerpt of my solo show about fear, called My Personal War on Terror (part of the bigger piece called Fighting My Fear-ce).

That work began in my first Level 2 class with Matt Hoverman (now an Emmy-winning writer!). In Week 2 of a second Hoverman Level 2 class, I told the story you will hear this year. I told the class, “I really don’t know why I’m telling you this story…and how it fits into my show.” Well, they LOVED it! And I eventually realized how it totally fits in with my lifelong work on facing my fears. 

Tell us about another solo show that influenced you.
Having attended all 18 years of FringeNYC (and being a staff member for 11 of those), I have seen tons of solo shows. Back in 2008, Robin Gelfenbein presented her show My Salvation Has a First Name: A Wienermobile Journey. It knocked my socks off. Somehow Robin managed to be self-effacing without being pathetic, vulnerable but strong, hilarious and tragic concurrently. When I asked Robin her secret? Matt Hoverman…but that only explains some of the genius. She did the deep digging and the painful uncovering. I’m still haunted by the show…because I can’t remember if Robin ever met Paul Ryan. Oh, wait. I just Googled that. Paul Ryan never drove the Wienermobile…

If you like great storytelling and music, you're in for a treat with the talented artists in our 12th Plus 1 Solo Show Festival, so get your tickets here and catch the following pieces and musical guest Ellia Bisker of Sweet Soubrette:

Social Studies by Elizabeth Phillips 
How far would you go to make history?

Home by Karen Elliott 
A woman's on-going search to find home leads her to unexpected places. 

Just Leave Me Here by Caralie Chrisco 
If you’ve given up all vices to no big prize, should you stop doing burpees and go back to burgers? 

New Year's Eve Party Crash by Dale Davidson 
The biggest party of the year entails facing your fears.
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