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Buffalo Heights

A play by Adam Harrell
Developed in collaboration with
Jake Lipman and Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions

Premiere performances:
May 7-17, 2014

A new comedy about sex, smokes, and school politics.

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Plus 1 Solo Show Festival
Spring 2014

Sunday, May 11 and
Monday, May 12, 2014

An evening of funny and smart original solo shows
and top musical acts.

Two nights only!

Q&A with Buffalo Heights' Allison Lemel

Buffalo Heights is TIC's first world premiere production, a comedy about a new teacher who moves to Buffalo to teach French, only to find herself embroiled in scandal when she crosses the wrong student (played by Allison Lemel).

The production was devised, or company-created, over the course of six months, and the resulting script, crafted by playwright Adam Harrell, is as goofy as it is heartfelt.

Buffalo Heights runs for 8 performances, May 7-10 and 14-17 at 8 PM at The Bridge Theatre.  Purchase $18 tickets online or by phone at 212-868-4444.

Allison Lemel has worked on over a dozen productions with Tongue in Cheek.  We sat down with Allison to hear what makes this funny actress TIC(k).
Allison (Lemur) Lemel

1. What has been your favorite part of creating Buffalo Heights?
The process of creating the piece allowed us to be silly and crazy.  It's not often you can act as ridiculous as you want and get away with it!  In real life, I can't run around my office screaming, but I could in the world of Buffalo Heights.

2. Buffalo Heights takes place in Buffalo, NY, where there is a lot of local pride.  Where are you from and who do you root for?
I'm from Yorktown Heights in Westchester County (Westchester's the best Chester!).

My hometown team was the Yorktown Huskers, and our mascot is a corn husk.  At our pep rallies, we would have someone dressed up as an actual corn husk, with yellow-colored bubble wrap.  I have to admit, I always wanted to be a husk.

3. Buffalo Heights references the French poet Guillaume Apollinaire's poems about various beasts, called Bestiaire.  Is there an animal with which you identify?
I would definitely be a lemur.  My last name is Lemel, and people have been known to call me Lemur; I can make myself look like one by widening my eyes and peering around corners, lemur-like.

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