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Where chutzpah meets reservations.

The New York Times: “Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly through a minefield of identity politics…in this witty romantic comedy.”

Visit 'The Inn at Lake Devine' on Indie Go Go!

This summer, Tongue in Cheek launched its first ever Indie Go Go "crowdfunding" campaign, for the world premiere of The Inn at Lake Devine this fall.  All donations are tax-deductible!

We love producing indie theater in NYC for you.  You fill our audiences with laughter and applause.

Ticket revenue only covers a portion of our expenses, however.  For The Inn at Lake Devine, we are asking our friends and supporters to help with the biggest production we've ever mounted.

We are SO grateful if you are in a position to contribute to our production of The Inn at Lake Devine.  Watch our video about the production
Shooting our campaign video was a blast!
We'll be performing 16 times (our longest run ever!) and the cast is comprised of 15 actors, a top-notch production team and original music, too!  At our staged reading in April, our audience members called it "heartwarming and funny" and "a delightful slice of Americana."

ANY support is appreciated -- liking us on Facebook and Twitter, sharing the link to the Indie Go Go campaign with your friends -- and makes producing thought-provoking comedy possible.

And a very special thanks to Holly Lynn Ellis for shooting our video campaign and Gusta Johnson for editing it.
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