TIC to premiere the stage version of Elinor Lipman’s The Inn at Lake Devine in 2015

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Tongue in Cheek Theater will adapt the popular novel The Inn at Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman into a full-length play over 2015, culminating with a three-week performance run October 7-24, 2015 in midtown NYC.

About The Inn at Lake Devine, The New York Times writes, "in her delightful novel, The Inn at Lake Devine, Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly though a minefield of identity politics. Anti-Semitism, intermarriage, ethnic cuisine and Anne Frank are some of the unlikely, loaded subjects of this witty romantic comedy."

TIC is thrilled to be adapting this work for the stage. Read the entire press release and follow TIC on Facebook and Twitter for updates to this exciting project!

Making New Work Happen

2015 marks Tongue in Cheek Theater's 10th season, and as producing artistic director, I am especially excited to be working on an entirely new theatrical work, The Inn at Lake Devine.  The source material is the wonderful novel by the same name by Elinor Lipman, about a girl coming of age in the 1960s and 70s in New England, grappling with prejudice, religion, romance, and a bit of revenge.

In the coming winter months, I'll be working on the script with a group of trusted artists on a staged reading of the work in April.  Feedback from the staged reading will be incorporated into the final script, which will premiere October 8-24, 2015 at Theatre 54 in midtown NYC.  More about the piece here.

As I get started on my way with this new piece, I have to say how inspired I am by another company, Going to Tahiti Productions.

Going to Tahiti Productions is run by a dynamic duo, Jessica Ammirati and Molly Ballerstein, producing works that give opportunities to women.  From adapting Within Arm's Reach last year (my favorite new work I saw onstage in 2014), to their TV series "Farm Story," that is in post-production, Jess and Molly regularly make exciting new work happen.

They recently created their first video blog, aka vlog, about choosing the right time to produce their next work.  I can't wait to see their next collaboration!
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