TIC to premiere the stage version of Elinor Lipman’s The Inn at Lake Devine in 2015

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Tongue in Cheek Theater will adapt the popular novel The Inn at Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman into a full-length play over 2015, culminating with a three-week performance run October 7-24, 2015 in midtown NYC.

About The Inn at Lake Devine, The New York Times writes, "in her delightful novel, The Inn at Lake Devine, Elinor Lipman waltzes fearlessly though a minefield of identity politics. Anti-Semitism, intermarriage, ethnic cuisine and Anne Frank are some of the unlikely, loaded subjects of this witty romantic comedy."

TIC is thrilled to be adapting this work for the stage. Read the entire press release and follow TIC on Facebook and Twitter for updates to this exciting project!

A Whale of a Fall Season for Tongue in Cheek

A very special thanks to our performers, supporters and production team for a wonderful fall of shows for Tongue in Cheek!

Whale Song or: Learning to Live with Mobyphobia by Claire Kiechel enjoyed a 9-performance (nearly entirely sold out) run.  About our production, a reviewer Jessica Ammirati wrote, "A quirky, funny show... incredibly enjoyable... inventive staging...  The audience is laughing one minute and crying the next."  The production starred Shelley Little as Maya, a woman puzzling out her father's passing while a whale circles the island of Manhattan.  Brady Adair returned to TIC's stage as her father, Tracy Willet played sensible sister Sarah, Jared Shirkey shone as her dutiful boyfriend, and Matt Sydney the fun-loving Shep, a philosophical drummer.  TIC's producing artistic director Jake Lipman played a news reporter and directed, assisted by Molly Ballerstein.

 In the dark nights of our main stage show, TIC held its 14th Plus 1 Solo Show Festival, which was well attended and sold out its closing night.  Audiences were treated to the musical stylings of Ellia Bisker of Sweet Soubrette, and four solo shows by Elizabeth Phillips, Karen Elliott, Caralie Chrisco and Dale Davidson.

Our closing night party is always a blast (photos of the cast and production team, below). Stay tuned for our 2015 developments, notably the adaptation of The Inn at Lake Devine with a three-week run in October 2015.  More at www.tictheater.com

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